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Interim Mission Statement

Given that we are facing a situation unlike any we have ever faced before, the BWUH board and senior management team feel strongly that we need to adapt our organisational mission statement.

Whilst our overarching vision and aim remain unchanged for the time being, our mission has now been revised in order for us to focus on our immediate priority of staying connected with our people and ensuring the long-term sustainability of BWUH.

Interim Mission Statement 

We aim to be world-class and create an environment in which we remain connected to our people and in which they and their families along with our communities are safe. Communication is key and we are committed to providing regular, clear and transparent communication to our team, clients and customers. We are dedicating this time to business preparedness. When the time comes, we will be galvanised to play our part in kickstarting business again across Belfast and Northern Ireland. We do this to benefit everyone – socially, culturally and economically.

Now more than ever we look to our values as guiding principles. These values are universal and can be applied to every role. Never has it been more important to work as one team and own shared goals. We must continue to treat one another with respect and respect the environment around us by staying home and temporarily closing our venues to ensure we put the safety of our staff and customers first. We can still take a structured approach, following the systems and processes we already have in place. The opportunity also now exists to be unique, to try new things, innovate and make improvements and be driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence. When this crisis is finally over, we want to feel a sense of pride, knowing we have done our best for people, our families and our communities.

When we win, everyone wins.