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Meet Our Team

ICC Belfast's experienced and ambitious team members have many years' experience in delivering world-class events that exceed clients' expectations to help them fulfil their objectives.

Catherine Toolan's' avatar
Chief Executive

Catherine Toolan

Oonagh O'Reilly's' avatar
Sales & Marketing Director

Oonagh O'Reilly

Iain Bell's' avatar
Business Support Director

Iain Bell

Louise Doyle's' avatar
Event Operations Director

Louise Doyle

Eimear Hone's' avatar
Account Manager

Eimear Hone

Jenni Smart's' avatar
Account Manager

Jenni Smart

Sheena Davidson's' avatar
Account Manager

Sheena Davidson

Jayne Hughes's' avatar
Account Manager

Jayne Hughes

Lisa Abell-Farrelly's' avatar
Account Manager

Lisa Abell-Farrelly

Shirley McCracken's' avatar
Account Manager

Shirley McCracken

Charlie McCloskey's' avatar
Head of Digital

Charlie McCloskey

Stephanie Geddis's' avatar
Digital Executive

Stephanie Geddis

Marie-Claire Caldwell's' avatar
Marketing Campaign Manager

Marie-Claire Caldwell

Ciara Davidson's' avatar
Communications Administration Executive

Ciara Davidson